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Our discreet invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid offers a secure fit and advanced noise-processing technology; ideal for life on the go.

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Keeping your hearing aids clean can help prevent wear and tear, extend the life of your technology, and keep you hearing clearly.

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Knowledge, custom hearing protection, and prevention can help keep your hearing healthy and you happy!

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At Prairieland Audiology, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

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Karen Pastell, Au.D.


Dr. Karen Pastell, audiologist and owner of Prairieland Audiology LLC has been involved in the hearing healthcare field for over 20 years.

Our patient-centered approach allows us to focus on satisfying your hearing care needs, whatever they may be. Our practice will work with you to diagnose and find solutions for your hearing, tinnitus, and balance needs using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology. Because our focus is entirely on your unique needs, coming to Prairieland Audiology means that you’ll experience patient care that is specific to you, with exceptional follow-up care that ensures your hearing and balance needs are being met.

Prairieland Audiology wants you to be satisfied with your care. We are a local, independent, community-oriented practice. Our services are fully guaranteed, meaning we are committed to listening to your concerns, and your technology is always perfectly fit to renew your world of hearing. A strong patient-provider relationship based on honesty, integrity, and values is what we strive for, and we feel that this is the best approach to making sure you don’t miss any of the precious moments in your life.


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Prairieland Audiology Hearing Care Specialties

The Best Hearing Aids

Photo of hearing aids in Joliet

Prairieland Audiology has the latest digital hearing aids on the market today. We provide excellent hearing aid fitting service to our patients, first by diagnosing your hearing loss with an in-depth hearing test. This enables us to provide you with the best hearing solution. If a hearing aid is needed, we will evaluate your level of need and lifestyle goals, so that your technology will suit you perfectly.

We offer a wide range of hearing devices that provide exceptional comfort and sound quality. Are you looking for hearing aids that are invisible when worn? Or feature the latest wireless technology that connects to your television or cell phone? Are you looking for devices that are easy to handle with long battery life? We can help.

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Convenient Hearing Tests

An elderly man getting a hearing test in Joliet

Have you ever wondered if your friends and family are going overboard when they say that your hearing is getting worse? Wouldn’t you like to find out for sure if your hearing is at a healthy level? It’s always a good bet to rule out the possibility with regular hearing testing, since nowadays there is so much evidence to suggest the correlation between hearing loss and other health maladies, such as dementia, diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few.

If a hearing loss is suspected, an appointment with one of our certified Audiologists can be scheduled anytime for the purposes of testing and evaluation. Testing is painless, comfortable and safe. And it will give you a definitive answer regarding your hearing loss.

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Tinnitus Treatment

A businessman looking reassured about his tinnitus treatment in Joliet

Have you ever wondered why your ears ring? Tinnitus is not a disease, but a medical condition characterized by persistent ringing in one or both ears that can only be heard by the affected individual. It has also been described as whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing in the ear. These sounds may come and go, but for most tinnitus sufferers, the symptoms produce a constant, maddening drone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In many cases, the distressing combination of tinnitus and hearing loss can be relieved with hearing aids. Specially engineered hearing aids are now available, and they can restore ambient sounds and help fill Sound Voids™ to eliminate the effects of tinnitus.

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Patient Testimonials

  • My son who is now 18 years old has been seeing Dr. Karen for about 10 years now. As a mother with a child with a hearing loss I wanted to find the right doctor for my son. Dr. Karen is patient, kind and always puts her clients first! They both love to talk sports, which is my son's #1 favorite! Now that my son is an adult he will continue to go to Dr. Karen. We found the right doctor!

    Meggan M.

  • Thank you for everything you have done to improve my mom’s hearing! Her new hearing aids have certainly improved her quality of life – and mine too! We can now talk together without shouting.

    I am grateful not only for your technical expertise, but also for your superior customer service. When we were trying to find a solution that would improve mom’s ability to hear the television, you went out of your way to assess her environment and to evaluate various types of equipment. I was highly impressed by your understanding of what the equipment could and couldn’t do and by your effort to find something that would work for her.

    Katheryn W.

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